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Order dry cleaning now! We will restore your furniture!



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Do you have additional questions? Find out at the correspondence stage.

Cleaning times vary. Usually, the duration depends on factors such as the level of dirt, the type of material and their size. A triple sofa will take up to two hours on average.

Drying time indoors with sufficient warm air circulation will take 3-6 hours. Also depends on the material.

Our cleaning of sofas at home is a safe procedure for adults, children and pets, because we use only effective, certified and non-allergic products in our work, which can also be used indoors.

human and animal urine, cigarettes, alcohol, food, etc. odors disappear after dry cleaning, because in the process of cleaning we eliminate the cause of the odor.

Free service within Riga. Outside Riga, an additional toll is granted.

1-15 KM FREE departure
15-25KM 5 EUR departure fee
25KM + 10-15 EUR departure fee

Our experts believe that professional sofa cleaning should be done at least once a year, even without visible contamination.

We work not only on weekends, but also on holidays. In addition, we can arrange for masters to go out even at night.

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture by our craftsmen usually removes dirt and odors up to 95%. 

We promise to clean and make your furniture flawless! However, as our business experts, we cannot afford to lie and guarantee a new sofa after cleaning. As the fabric wears out, the color may become paler. Dry cleaning will not solve these problems. From time to time, we notice pigment stains on furniture that have affected the color and texture of the fabric, especially if the stains are several months or even years old. If an expert can guarantee 100% stain removal without seeing the fabric, not knowing what the stain is and how long it has been there, he is either a charlatan or he has a time machine.